Monthly Archives: August 2013

Rise of a Realm

The blood of Antheia flows in her veins. A gentle creature with a spirit unlike other. I know she is brave. I know she is fierce. I know that somewhere upon the grass she discovered her soul, next to her sword. I know she is strong. How not? Nature despises weakness, the forgotten and long gone beasts […]

Zomer. Digital Illustration

My latest illustration. The original was much basic as it was designed for a contest at I decided to expand it to a full color portrait later on. Influences were psychedelic colors and of course, zombies.

Error on a Sunny Day

Another day. Another hell, a new devil ringing his bell. The error message flashing on my screen took me by surprise. Program crashed- Out of memory, here comes another sigh. Thankfully the deadline is three weeks away, hence I have time for these things. The sound mix of my second short movie is done, and […]

For Pirates and Knights

Another night at my workstation, far away, a world of my own. Where the knights slay the dragons and the space rangers surf through the moons. It’s a weird little oddity; this little ability; imagination. A fuel for science just as its a fuel for art, a force that was able to unleash its power […]