Wildlings Within. Production Notes 03/05


Few minutes before we stop for lunch, I am notified that the elder goblin character played by Gayan Ranasinghe is ready for camera. Must say few things about Gayan, a fun person on set and he has worked with me on three short films now. Speaking of goofing around on location, this reminds me of an interesting thing that happened.

While the crew and I were working with Gayan’s goblin character, Ruvin had apparently walked away from the set, just a usual stroll, enjoying the rural village sights… with full goblin make up. Couple of people had started following him, and then few more. It was then that he must’ve realized that he had his makeup on, and made his way back to the shooting set. Rumor is the villagers still share stories of this mysterious goblin that came to their village for lunch.


Once we were done with lunch, the rest of the cast who would be playing tribesmen were brought in. Though I refer to them as cast, the folks were close mutual friends who were supporting the project. Geve who plays the tribe leader agreed to join the project the earlier night after we pitched the project to him. The creative direction for the look of the tribesmen was rather simple. Buwaneka incorporated body paint, skin embosses and while Nuwan and I bought lots of beads related jewelry to match the costumes.

If you stay with the credits at the end of Wildlings Within, you might’ve noticed that there is no Art Director being credited despite being a short film production with considerable art elements. The reason being, the short film dedicated to the memory of Avantha Samarasinghe who was the Art Director on my first short film “A Small Miracle” and passed away in a fatal accident early 2013, while Wildlings Within was still in its development stage. So the filmmaking team and myself decided that we wouldn’t hire a replacement and would split art direction responsibilities among ourselves and dedicate the film in Ava’s memory.

There was merely time for a post lunch break, so thirty minutes later the camera was rolling again. With the tribesmen on set, we shot the opening sequence of the script. And once we were done with that, we were ready to do the chase scenes and the final climax.


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