It’s 5am in the morning. Ruvin is halfway through his makeup session. Even water tastes bitter when you’re nervous. For the 17th time, I check my task list wondering about those tiny details that may have slipped my mind. The nightmare I had previous night doesn’t help either, and that was when I just dozed […]

Eastern Europe premiere gets a date. And will be released online the next day. (30th March)

Original character created by Mike Mignola

Failing while doing what you love is hardly failure, but more like a bump on the road. Following your passion is a privilege denied to many. So welcome each bump with a smile, as with time you will learn to ignore the bumps. And take the journey for what it is. At first it will […]

‘Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.’ – Madeleine L’Engle

Happy Independence Day folks.

Glad to let you know Wildlings Within has been selected for this year’s ClujShorts International Short Film Festival in Romania. Lead roles performed by Ruvin de Silva and Yash Suriyapperuma. Director of Photography Lasantha Warusawithana. Music by Ranga Dasanayake. Make up and Creature FX Buwaneka Ranawaka. Production Manager Nuwan Attanayake. Written and Directed by Sachi […]

Three feet tall and a face full of freckles, Ms. Nancy’s golden haired boy had gone missing. The reporters poured in, the school closed for a week and the mayor trumpeted that the boy would be found. “Find the boy!” he said to the police commissioner, who passed it on to his men, who passed it […]

A fan art I’ve been working on.

Lately I’ve taken staring at the horizon, a glimpse of the world passing by; unknown of the sailor lost at sea. It makes me wonder, was it the fresh coat of paint or the delicately crafted timber that made the Ocean fall in love with my vessel. The beloved God that I had profoundly cared […]